Do Hybrid Heating Systems Save Money?

Operating under the guise of a renewable heat pump system and a traditional boiler, hybrid heating systems will save you money and reduce harmful emissions by automatically switching between the renewable system and the boiler when the former needs some extra power. Usually, the one that is most efficient at the time of use will be substituted.

The question is though, how much money can hybrid heating systems save you? Although their initial installation cost is quite high, these new systems will save you significant money.

Is a Hybrid Heating System Worth it?

Air and ground source heat pumps generate more heat than the electricity it takes to power them. This pairing means that you will not need to use your traditional gas boiler as much as you normally would, therefore your need for gas or oil will be greatly reduced.

To see how much one of these systems would save you, we can look at how much heat pumps save you compared to traditional gas and oil boilers when they are paired together.

Lower Energy Bills

The dynamic operation of hybrid systems allows them to suddenly adapt to evolving environmental factors which lead to lower energy bills in comparison to a traditional heating source. Heat pumps are better in moderate temperatures whilst gas or oil boilers are more efficient in colder conditions.

Operating the most appropriate source for the current temperature conditions will allow the system to reduce energy consumption and energy bills.

Increased Comfort

As well as cost savings, comfort levels will be increased within your home. Heat pumps will deliver gentle heating and traditional boilers can promptly warm the home when temperatures dip.

Long-Term Savings

The initial cost can be quite high but long-term savings on your energy bills will begin to quickly offset the installation cost.

Heat Pumps and Traditional Boiler Price Comparisons

Gas Boilers

Offering an impressive efficiency percentage of about 90%, a new traditional gas boiler will lose you around £30 a year compared to a heat pump. However, the efficiency of the heat pump will be far superior, saving a significant 1900kg of CO2 yearly.

An older model would lose about 40% of your generated heat, making it an energy-efficient nightmare. Using a heat pump instead of an older model would save £260 a year.

It should be considered, that in a hybrid heat system, these numbers could differ. Hybrid systems will automatically switch out their heating method based on factors like peak times and the most efficient method during the time of use.

Oil Boilers

Oil boilers are heavily reliant on fossil fuels and older models can be extremely hazardous to the environment. Big savings of £335 annually could be made and nearly 4500 kg of CO2 being stopped.


With these figures, it becomes clear that by working together, traditional and renewable systems can maximise energy bill saving potential as well as being more energy efficient than ever before thanks to the technology that allows them to switch seamlessly.

Ultimately, when it comes to hybrid systems debating and comparing prices seems like a pointless task. They are designed to create substantial amounts of savings and they do this through their revolutionary automatic switching system that is based on what method is most efficient at the time.

Billy Strickland
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