Hybrid Boilers: What Are They?

Hybrid boilers are seen as the bright future of renewables thanks to their unique pairing of traditional boilers and renewable systems like air source and ground source heat pumps. Both technologies work in tandem, automatically swapping each other out for the most efficient method at the time of use.

The renewable side of the system will pick up most of the work, generating around 80% of the heat for a property. The traditional boiler will be waiting for the colder winter months to provide a vital boost of heat that will fend off the cold, all thanks to an effortless transition between electric and gas.

How do they work?

These hybrid designs operate under an automatic system, switching between a renewable and traditional source when the former can’t heat your home on its own.

The Heat pump will generate heat in the usual way, either absorbing it from the air or the ground meaning you will heat your home via electricity and cutting out the need to use fossil fuels.

You will only ever need the boiler when temperatures outside are very cold, therefore reducing your need for it, so when the temperatures drop so do your energy bills.

The Pros

Energy Efficiency

The heat pumps work efficiently in the warmer months, whilst the boiler’s strength is operating in the winter months. As mentioned, the system will automatically switch to whatever heating method is the most efficient at that time.

Heat pumps will generate up to four times the energy they use, which in percentage terms is an efficiency rating of 400%. Some new boilers, which are typically efficient at the start of their service, rarely reach over 100% efficiency.

Low Temperatures, Low Heating Bills

Heat pumps use free energy from the air or ground, meaning that they use electricity to work and with that have little running costs. This will deplete your gas boiler use and reduce energy bills.

Better for the Atmosphere

When traditional boilers burn harmful fuels like gas, oil, and coal it releases what we call carbon into our planet’s atmosphere, and bad news… it’s extremely damaging. Using fewer fossil fuels saves you money but is also much greener for the planet.

With the government’s ambitions to move the country into a greener age, renewable energy sources are leading the battle in reducing carbon footprints and making our homes and our planet a great place to live.

All Year Round Reliability

Whether it’s the summer heat or the winter frost, your hybrid system is filled with enough technology to provide the best possible heating options. When the temperature is low and your heat pump needs assistance, the boiler will power up and down just as quickly when enough heat has been generated.

Most heat pumps also work as air conditioners, making it a system you can rely on 12 months a year!

Great Lifespan

Traditional boilers tend to last up to about 15 years but this is when they are working alone. Bringing a hybrid system into the fold will add to this average lifespan, thanks to your boiler working less.

With their partnership, heat pumps and boilers will naturally last longer and maintenance will be much easier.

Government Funding for Hybrid Boilers

The biggest downfall of hybrid boilers is that they are simply expensive to install, setting you back between £5,000 and £10,000.

However, there is some good news…

You could save that £10,000 thanks to your government who want to help pay for your hybrid boiler system!

A free hybrid boiler could be yours through the ECO4 Scheme provided you meet a set of criteria outlined by the government.  

Should You Get a Hybrid Boiler Installed? 

Although expensive to install (don’t forget government back grants can get you one for free) installation of a hybrid system should be treated as an investment and your monthly energy bills may be reduced by up to 50%.

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