How does a Hybrid Heating System Work?

The easiest way to understand how a hybrid heating system works is by taking a look at hybrid cars. They operate on both petrol and electricity, right? Well, this is exactly how a hybrid heating system will work.

Built up from a renewable energy source like an air or ground source heat pump and a traditional heating method like a gas or oil boiler.

Team Up of the New and Traditional

Operating at lower temperatures than traditional gas and oil heating systems, heat pumps work in colder conditions.

Hybrid heat pumps are built by combining a heat pump and gas or oil boiler, usually by the same manufacturer, and in this team the heat pump will pick up most of the work, meanwhile, the boiler will be on stand-by ready to back it up automatically.

How Does a Hybrid System Work?

The hybrid heating system works due to designs that have automatic technology, switching between a renewable and traditional source when the former isn’t strong enough to work alone.

The heat pump will work as it always does, absorbing thermal energy from the air. This means your home will be at a comfortable temperature, at no expense to the planet. No more fossil fuels!

Why Do We Need Them?

Once upon a time, heat pumps were seen as the driving force that would lead us to the country’s legal obligation of becoming net zero by 2050. To speed this journey up, the Committee for Climate Change picked out hybrid heating systems as the way to do it.

How Efficient are Hybrid Heating Systems?

Your home will be made significantly more efficient with a system that automatically selects the necessary heating method when the efficiency or heat demand changes.

  • Energy Savings: A hybrid heat pump can automatically switch between the heat pump and the boiler based on which is more efficient under current conditions, often leading to significant energy savings.
  • Mild Weather: In milder temperatures the heat pump can efficiently meet heating demands, utilising less energy compared to traditional boilers.
  • Lower Carbon Emissions: By using the heat pump whenever possible, hybrid heating systems will deplete the need for fossil fuels, reducing the carbon footprint of the property.
  • Adaptation: As the electricity grid becomes greener, the benefits of using electricity-powered heat pumps evolve, making hybrid systems an environmentally sound investment.
Billy Strickland
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