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The UK is going backwards in it's journey to energy security. Read how the governments plan is failing only two years later.
Energy News Update

The UK Government Energy Security Strategy is Failing

The UK is going backwards in its goal to create energy security. An analysis by the organisation Energy Climate and Intelligence Unit (ECIU) has concluded that the UK government has only delivered on three out of ten vital commitments it promised to strengthen the country’s energy future. It has been

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An article that links financial stress and depression with high heating bills and offers solutions to improve finances and mental health.

The Link Between Financial Stress and Heating Costs

Our mental health suffers when we struggle financially. Trying to get back on track can leave us feeling overwhelmed. And with rising energy prices beyond our control…our financial stress levels can soon become out of control!   Heating is a basic necessity for comfort and health, especially during colder months. However, meeting

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Energy News Update

Poorly Insulated Homes to See an Increase in Energy Costs

Those living in poorly insulated homes could see their energy bills increase by £340 annually, despite the announcement from Ofgem about the new price cap which will be effective from April.  Homes that are classed as band F on a properties Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will see these increases according

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Octopus and Shell Energy
Energy News Update

What the Octopus Energy and Shell Energy Customer Transfer Means

In a remarkable industry move, Octopus Energy has successfully migrated 1.3 million Shell Energy customers to its platform, utilising its advanced technology platform, Kraken. This swift migration not only sets a new benchmark in the energy sector but also highlights the efficiency and customer-centric approach of Octopus Energy. For those

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Government Grants and Support

Heating Support For People with Autism

The cost-of-living-crisis is hitting most families harder than ever. But, for people living with autism and for those that care for them – it can be even more stressful! With wages and benefits still not rising in line with current energy and food prices; finding a way to heat, eat and care

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Energy Saving Home Improvements

5 Ways to Reduce Stress for a Cozy & Comfortable Home

Bills, bills, bills. They’re the source of stress for so many! With energy tariffs rising…then falling…then rising all over again; is it any wonder that UK householders are left struggling to fathom out their finances every month?  So, here at Energy Advice Helpline – we’ve put our heads together and come up

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