Would The Simpsons Be Eligible for ECO4 if they Lived in the UK?

Here at Energy Advice Helpline, we are committed to helping everyone. And as big fans of the iconic family from Springfield USA, we can’t help but think about how much money The Simpsons could save with their humble abode fitted with a complete renewable energy system through ECO4.

Most of the world knows The Simpsons but if you’ve lived with your head in the clouds for the past three decades, you will understand that this cartoon family took the world by storm back in 1989 and continues to go strong to this day, most notably nowadays for their “predictions” of the future.

Albeit, Mr Burns would scowl at the idea of renewables and probably form some dastardly plan for Waylon Smithers to carry out whilst he watches from the sidelines.

So, let’s take a trip through the clouds, beyond the cooling towers, into Springfield and find out about one of the most iconic families in the world who are eligible for the ECO4 scheme to make their home more energy efficient.

ECO4 Routes

There are four routes avaialble under ECO4:

The Simpsons Home

This Simpsons home is a colourful, typical suburban American home in the confines of a typical American street, Evergreen Terrace. Complete with a garden that has a treehouse and garage, you can usually spot the home by picking out Homer’s pink sedan sitting on the driveway.

The iconic Simpsons family home. Image: 20th Television

Now, as we know The Simpsons live in the USA so, right off the Springfield Isotopes bat, they wouldn’t qualify for ECO4. However, if we do a little bit of adjusting, tinkering, and with just a little dash of imagination, we can turn it into a typical UK home to fit our needs. Excellent!

Floor plans for the entire Simpsons home.

We can begin to presume that the Simpsons Home is a four-bedroom house; Homer & Marge’s master bedroom (with en suite bathroom) and a room for each of the children, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, as well as a main bathroom. The show features the living room and kitchen quite prevalently, as well as a front room and dining room.

From this, we can begin to gather an idea of ways the family could make use of home energy upgrades.

Let’s take a look at Maggie Simpson, who has never aged like all characters on the show, and is presumably somewhere in the age bracket of 1-2 years old. Straight away under Route 2 Proxy Targeting, the family would have proxy 3 in the bag, thanks to having a child under the age of 5 who would be considered vulnerable.

Having said that, Maggie is tough and strong enough to lift a mallet to her father’s head as seen in a homage to Hitchcock’s Psycho.

Sadly, the family does not meet any of the other proxies and therefore would not qualify down Route 2. D ‘oh!

Maybe Route 1 could be the answer they are looking for.

Homer’s Job

Towering over the town in the form of two large grey cooling towers and toxic clouds normally high above, The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is where Homer calls his place of work, or more accurately place of ‘slacking off’.

Thanks to his S-M-R-T-S– we mean S-M-A-R-T-S (Smarts), Homer is responsible for the plant’s reactor core and therefore responsible for every single life in town. How much does the safety of thousands pay in a Simpsons world?

In reality, Homer would be making around $48,320 a year in 2024 (£38,013).

Again, Homer would not meet the requirements of a household income of £31,000 or under to qualify for ECO4 under route 1. Oh well, nothing a trip to Moe’s can’t solve.

Energy Upgrades

Much like his luck with the city of New York, Homer can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to upgrading his home for more energy efficiency.

Let’s discuss what The Simpsons could save with ECO4 over a doughnut, shall we?

Solar Panels

Providing Mr Burns doesn’t decide to block out the sun again for his nefarious gains, the world of Springfield has a pretty good track record of sunny days. This means solar panels on the roof of 742 Evergreen Terrace would be an ideal addition to the home (and look much better than the cellular transmitter Homer was once forced to install on top of his house.)

Hans Moleman and Solar Energy

Because we know they have four bedrooms, we can base that on a home in the UK in April of 2024. The cost of electricity this month was 24.50 kWh, which means solar panels save the typical four-bedroom household £483 per year! Woo hoo

Air Source Heat Pump

To some extent, Homer understands how a Heat Pump works. He did once use his fridge as a method of cooling him and Bart down one extremely hot summer. “I got the idea when I realised the refrigerator was cool.” he so confidently states.

Air source heat pumps take in thermal energy from the air and refrigerate it to create heat for the home. Not bad eh?

The family live in a fairly large home. Therefore it would take some hard work for the heat pump to do its job, though they have the space for new radiators that could match the power of the heat pump.

Savings on a heat pump can come down to different factors such as heat demand, the size of the home, and the old heat source being replaced.

We know that the Simpsons home runs off a gas furnace (based on appearances in various episodes) therefore there is a lot of potential for savings. Let’s assume the furnace runs off gas and is in the same condition as the homemade spice rack Homer so kindly made for Marge.

A four-bedroom home could save £260 a year with an air source heat pump.


If the layers of lead paint built up over the years doesn’t keep in some of the home’s heat, then insulation is the answer.

A detached house can save up to £370 a year, whilst mid-terrace homes can save around £200 with loft insulation installed.

Cavity wall insulation for a detached home can save £200 a year and a mid-terrace will save £105.

The Simpsons Home with solar panels & air source heat pump. Image: 20th Television

With all of these savings, this is about to become the third-best day of Homer’s life, behind finding a peanut and frolicking around in his swim shorts as an overturned Duff Beer lorry rains out over the road.

Sadly though, The Simpsons would not be eligible for the current criteria for ECO4 and this is all just speculation and theories. 

YOU could be though…

The Energy Company Obligation is here to help those in England, Scotland and Wales suffering from fuel poverty gain access to home energy upgrades that can help them ease financial stress.

Boiler Upgrade Scheme

If ECO4 is not the answer, then the boiler upgrade scheme is. With this scheme, properties can receive help towards a new energy-efficient heating system such as an air source heat pump.

This is a voucher scheme worth £7,500 towards one being installed in the home… or Homer can “borrow” Ned Flanders’.

Check Your Eligibility for ECO4

Just like The Simpsons applying for ECO4, you can too. See the form below to discover your eligibility.

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