Who is Deborah Meaden and What’s Her Opinion on Renewable Energy?

Deborah Meaden is a successful entrepreneur, best known for her role on Dragons Den as one of the programme’s investors.

Early on, she strived for her own business, knowing it was what she wanted to do. After leaving school, she studied business at college and from the young age of 19, started a glass and ceramics import company. She had very little capital but the company went on to supply popular stores like Harvey Nichols.

Sadly, This early venture ended when the items started to pop up in other high-street stores. Deborah had no finances for legal action, therefore this put an end to her business.

Deborah did not let this stop here though, she found herself part of a franchise for Stefanel clothing company and other fruitful ventures.

Starting from the Ground Floor

Deobroah decided it was time to start from the bottom and began her role in the family amusement arcade business. She began her duties on the shop floor, gradually working up to Operations Director. Not long after that, she became part of the business holiday park sector, Weststar Holidays. In a short two years, she was promoted to Managing Director.

Eventually, she undertook a management buyout in which she borrowed the funds needed from Lloyds to take over the family business. She sold the company in 2005 for a hefty £33 million and retained a stake of 23% and an active role within the company. She finally sold this remaining stake for £83 million.

Deborah Meaden has a Vested Interest in Clean Energy

As way back as 2012, Deborah’s interest in clean energy has been a big part of her work. Back in the early days of renewable energy and during David Cameron’s tenure as Prime minister of the United Kingdom, Meaden urged for the end of the country’s reliance on fossil fuels to combat the rising costs of gas and energy at the time.


Making Friends of the Earth

The businesswoman became involved with Friends of the Earth when she was a judge at the People and Enviroment Awards for Business alongside a judge affiliated with Friends of the Earth. Through a shared interest in the importance of renewable energy and the right amount of conversation to reveal the passion Meaden has for the subject, when Clean British Energy Campaign was launched, Deborah was asked for assistance. 

She was asked to back the campaign and was very happy to do so!

Deborah Meaden Backs Keir Starmer’s Energy Plan

Her passion for energy has been consistent throughout the years and recently has shown support for the Labour Party’s leader Keir Starmer, in light of the upcoming general election on July 4th. 

Her backing comes from her passion for clean energy, and Labour’s energy plan is no exception to that passion. In her words:

“Taking back control and being good for the environment. It’s got to be a good thing.” 

Do you Share Deborah Meaden’s Passion for Clean Energy?

If you share the same interest as Meaden, you can apply for renewable energy upgrades through government-backed grants. These include: 

  • The Energy Company Obligation (ECO4)
  • Boiler Upgrade Scheme
  • Great British Insulation Scheme
 To apply, you can first check if you are eligible: 

Once you know you are eligible, one of our dedicated Energy Advice Helpline advisors will contact you to discuss what happens next. 

This will be the beginning of your clean energy future that is not only better for you and your home, but the country and the planet too.

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