What the Octopus Energy and Shell Energy Customer Transfer Means

In a remarkable industry move, Octopus Energy has successfully migrated 1.3 million Shell Energy customers to its platform, utilising its advanced technology platform, Kraken. This swift migration not only sets a new benchmark in the energy sector but also highlights the efficiency and customer-centric approach of Octopus Energy.

For those impacted by this transition, here’s a detailed guide on what to expect and how to navigate the change:

Understanding the Transition

The migration, initiated on January 30th after a preliminary test transfer before Christmas, was executed with unprecedented speed and efficiency, concluding months ahead of previous benchmarks set by Octopus itself. This not only showcases the capabilities of the Kraken platform but also assures customers of a stable and reliable transition process.

Impact on Customers

Customers transitioning from Shell Energy to Octopus Energy can anticipate a seamless integration into Octopus’s services, backed by a commitment to outstanding customer support. Greg Jackson, the founder of Octopus Energy, has reassured customers of a smooth and hassle-free experience, emphasising the effectiveness of Kraken and the company’s dedication to brilliant service.

Thanks to the effectiveness of Kraken and Octopus’ promise of brilliant customer service, we have seamlessly transitioned customers to our platform while ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Greg Jackson, Founder Of Octopus Energy

Benefits and Support for Vulnerable Customers

A noteworthy aspect of this transition is the special attention Octopus Energy has paid to vulnerable customers. The provision of over 6,000 energy-efficient electric blankets to those in need not only demonstrates compassion but also a proactive approach to help reduce energy bills. These blankets have reportedly saved users approximately 20% on their winter bills, averaging a saving of £150.

More information: Electric blankets – Keeping you warm | Octopus Energy

What Should You Do Next?

  1. Stay Informed: Octopus Energy is likely to communicate directly with all transferred customers regarding the changes and any new benefits or services available. Ensure your contact details are up to date to receive these communications.
  2. Review Your Plan: Take this opportunity to review your current energy plan. Octopus Energy offers a variety of tariffs that might better suit your energy consumption habits and help save money.
  3. Explore Additional Support: If you’re among the vulnerable customer group, inquire about further support initiatives like the electric blanket program, government grant available or energy-saving advice specific to your needs.
  4. Use Available Resources: Octopus Energy is known for its innovative approach to customer service. Explore their website and customer service portals for any queries or concerns you might have during this transition. Contact Octopus Energy
  5. Monitor Your Bills: Keep an eye on your energy bills in the coming months to ensure the transition has been smooth and to understand how it impacts your energy usage and costs.

The swift and efficient transfer of Shell Energy customers to Octopus Energy not only marks a significant milestone for the company but also presents an opportunity for customers to benefit from enhanced services and support. With a focus on efficiency, customer service, and support for vulnerable groups, Octopus Energy is setting a new standard in the energy sector. As this transition unfolds, customers are encouraged to engage actively with Octopus Energy to make the most of their energy supply.

More information on the transition: Shell Energy customer information page – updated regularly | Octopus Energy

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