Quiz: Do you know what the UK energy targets are?

Do you know what the UK energy targets are, or what the current progress is? Test your knowledge to find out in this interactive quiz.

The UK has a range of aims set out in order to tackle climate change and reach net-zero by 2050. Find out how much you know by pressing start!

Help the UK meet its energy targets

You can help the UK to meet its targets by decarbonising your home. With government-backed grants, you can have energy-saving measures installed if you are a homeowner or private tenant. These schemes and grants mean you can swap your old boiler for a green upgrade, making your home easier and cheaper to heat.

With the ECO4 Scheme, you can get solar panels, an air source heat pump, and insulation installed completely free of charge if you qualify. To check if you are eligible, simply click the button above!

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