What are the Liberal Democrats proposing for the energy industry?

Next in our series examining the energy policies of the UK’s political parties is the Liberal Democrats. According to the latest polling data, the Liberal Democrats are the fifth largest political party in the UK.

Local Authorities To Go Green

The Liberal Democrats propose to significantly increase the UK’s reliance on renewable energy sources.  

The Party plans to boost funding for wind, solar, and marine power projects according to their website. This involves removing existing restrictions imposed by the Conservatives on new renewable energy schemes. Which restrictions are to be removed is yet to be outlined.

Energy bills have hit record highs. People are being forced to choose between heating and eating. Businesses face closure. Schools, hospitals, and public services are being pushed into difficult choices.

Wera Hobhouse,  Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Energy and Climate Change and Transport 

The Party also proposes giving Local Authorities more power to develop community renewable energy projects. This decentralized approach aims to foster local innovation and increase renewable energy adoption across the UK. 

The Party also proposes a goal of 80% renewable electricity by 2030, which is almost in line with current government policy.

Homes To Meet New Efficiency Standards

To improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions, the Liberal Democrats propose an increase in household insulation. They plan to insulate all homes in Britain by 2030, in the hopes of increasing energy efficiency and reducing fuel poverty.

Another proposal from the party involves setting new standards for newly built homes. They aim to establish eco-friendly criteria to ensure that all new homes are sustainable.

The party also has plans for existing homes. They propose upgrading all households across Britain to so that all homes are more energy efficient by 2030.

Under current government-backed schemes, you can increase the energy efficiency of your home with schemes such as the ECO4 scheme. With ECO4, you can get solar panels, insulation, and an air source heat pump installed completely free of charge.

Stronger UK-EU Energy Cooperation 

The Liberal Democrats are proposing a tighter bond with the EU when it comes to energy. Specifically, they propose further collaboration in the following areas:

  • Building More Interconnectors: Increasing the number of interconnectors between the UK and EU member states to enhance energy security and facilitate the exchange of renewable energy. 
  • Renewable Energy Development: Working closely with EU member states to develop a robust renewable energy industry together.
  • Linking to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Integrating with the EU emissions trading scheme to better manage and reduce carbon emissions. 

Making Medway More Sustainable

Specific to Medway, the Liberal Democrats plan to identify ways to improve air quality. This is because it was found to be the most polluted area in the south-east. To tackle this, the Party proposes a ‘5 Point Green Recovery Plan‘, which includes:

  1. Green Every Home: converting gas to electric boilers
  2. Transport Revolution: increasing cycling routes, re-assessing bus routes, and increasing the amount of EV charging points
  3. Clean Air For Medway: creating a ‘Clean Air Fund’ to provide safe transport routes for children
  4. Save British Countryside: allowing communities more control over how they run their green spaces
  5. Green Energy Switch: installing solar panels on all viable council buildings and land.
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