Japan’s Biggest Energy Company JERA NEX Makes London Its Home

Two electric power companies that deliver around 30% of electricity to Japan, TEPCO Fuel & Power and Chubu Electric who are known as JERA, have come together to create JERA NEX.

JERA NEX which will be situated in London, will develop, invest, own, and operate many renewable energy assets. These will include solar and battery storage and wind, both onshore and off.


Focusing on renewable energy projects and accelerating global clean energy initiatives, JERA intends to create at least 20GW of renewable energy within 11 years.

Appointed Chief Executive Officer of JERA NEX: Nathalie Oosterlinck has this to say about the joint venture:

Our teams have already delivered pioneering offshore wind farms, from the Taiwan Strait to the Belgian North Sea, as well as leading several onshore projects across the world, making JERA NEX well placed to deliver clean energy for a sustainable future.

July 2023 saw the company obtain Belgium’s biggest offshore wind asset which gave rise to JERA’s renewable install capacity of 3GW.

The Company’s Ambition

To achieve their 20GW goal by 2035, the company will be considering critical acquisition possibilities in the hopes of constructing a resilient pipeline for 2035 and further.

Their plan will be “adaptive to prevailing economic conditions, and the company will target high-quality projects and apply strict investment criteria as it works towards its ambition.”

London Home

Being the second biggest for its offshore wind market and one of the global forefronts of developing renewables, the UK will be the home destination for JERA NEX’s base of operations.

How is JERA NEX Good for the UK?

The company have outlined a vision to reach the goal of net zero by the year 2050 and this new company will play a huge role in that. JERA NEX will be able to operate within and utlise the renewable energy landscape, making the most of expertise from across the globe in the development of their renewable energy projects and goals that will shape a future of sustainability and affordability for the country.

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