How to Apply for an ECO4 Grant When Living in a Cold Home

Discover what help you can get when you apply for an ECO4 grant to improve the warmth of your home and your health.

Cold homes impact our health and can lead to conditions such as heart attacks, pneumonia, high blood pressure, and even common colds. These can impact our everyday lives leading to stress and worsened mental health. Those with existing conditions can be very vulnerable to cold living conditions, as can children and the elderly.

What Help is Available for Those Living in a Cold Home?

The government, aware of the impact cold homes are having on people, are investing a massive £12 billion into Help to Heat schemes to warm homes at cheaper prices:

  • Boiler Upgrade Scheme
  • Home Upgrade Grants
  • Sustainable Warmth Competition
  • Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund
  • Energy Company Obligation
  • Great British Insulation Scheme

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO4)

Obligated energy companies are devoted to helping their customers receive energy upgrades that will make their homes warm and comfortable. Through ECO4, customers can receive:

  • Air source heat pumps
  • Solar panels
  • Insulation

How to Apply for the ECO4 Grant

Applying for the ECO4 grant is easy and with Energy Advice Helpline it is made even easier!

Apply for the ECO4 grant easily with Energy Advice Helpline

Step 1: Check your Eligibility

You want to know if you qualify for the grant first, and you can do this by clicking the button below which takes you to our quick-to-fill-out form below:

From here, Energy Advice Helpline will be in touch with you to discuss the scheme in more detail and explain the next steps.

Step 2: Home Evaluation

Once discussed, we will connect you to a trusted installer and they will schedule a visit to your home.

This is an important part of the process as the installer will assess your home and recommend the most effective way of upgrading your property’s energy.

In this stage, you have the right to ask for more information or decline any suggestions if they don’t meet expectations.

Step 3: Installation Agreement

Once you have reached an agreement with the installer, the installation process for your energy upgrades can commence.


If you are living in a cold home, there is no need to suffer any longer. When you apply for an ECO4 grant, you will gain access to energy upgrades that will significantly improve multiple aspects of your everyday life such as; comfortability, warmth, and improved physical and mental health.

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