How quickly can I get the ECO4 grant? 

We all like to be prepared and plan ahead for the future whenever possible, especially when it comes to your home.  That’s why knowing how long it takes to get the ECO4 grant is an important question for many households across the UK. 

How can you apply for the ECO4 Grant?

The process of applying for the ECO4 grant is quick and easy with Energy Advice Helpline. And with free home measures valued up to £75,000, the average household will save £300 – £400 per year off their energy bill, according to the UK government.

You can start today by filing out the form below. 

How long will it take before I get to installation?

Usually, we will give you a call within a few days of receiving your form. If you meet the criteria, our energy experts will tell you within the call that you qualify. They will then pass you over to an installer, to get your survey booked in.  Your surveyor will visit your property at the agreed time and date, and is responsible for deciding which home improvements will be installed at your home.

This can all take place within 1-2 weeks of filling out the form! You can read the full breakdown of what happens when you qualify for ECO4 by clicking here. The scheme is completely free to apply for,

The entire process takes an approximate 3 months to complete.

What could slow down the ECO4 grant process?

  • Taking a long time to send us your documents. For some applications, we will need you to send copies of documents, to evidence your salary or receipt of state benefits. Without these, we are unable to verify that you qualify for the scheme and progress your application – so get them to us ASAP!

  • Not answering the phone! Once you apply online, keep your eyes peeled for our call in the following days.

  • Repeatedly cancelling or rescheduling your survey. Your install will be delayed, as your property must be assessed by a surveyor before installation begins. Your home survey is a crucial stage, without which it can’t be decided what improvements will be best for your home.

How long will my installation take to complete?

Each installation is different, so it’s difficult to know exactly how long your installation could take. It will depend on factors like the size of your home and the measures you are having installed. The following can be used as rough guidelines:

Air source heat pumps can take anywhere between one and four days to install. This includes the time it will take to assess your property, decide on where to locate the heat pump, and safely complete the install.

Solar panels can take up to a week to install according to most sources.

Different types of insulation may take different amounts of time to install. For example, loft insulation only usually takes a few hours to install. You also may receive other measures, such as new radiators for your upgrading system. This means a slightly longer installation, but ensures your home will be optimised to keep in the heat during those harsh winter months. And, of course, this means saving even more money off your energy bills!

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