Heat Pumps Are Soaring Thanks to the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Government figures show that figures for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme rose by nearly 50% in December last year. This was compared to 2022.

The sudden rise in popularity comes from a significant increase in grants for air-source heat pumps in October 2022.

Energy Security Secretary…

…Claire Coutinho has stated that the Boiler Upgrade scheme is the ‘most generous scheme in Europe.’

Helping people rather than forcing them, to make the right choices for their homes will always be my priority.

Claire Coutinho – Energy Security Secretary

England and Wales

Over 3,650 homes have installed heat pumps in the South West of the country whereas the South East of the country, which excludes London, has installed just over 3,600. Coming short of the 3,000 mark, the East has seen 2,400 installations.

This proves…

the country is starting to see the benefits of heat pumps as well as the government grants available to get one installed. The Boiler Upgrade Scheme gives applicants £7,500 towards a heat pump and its installation, reducing carbon emissions that everyday gas boilers are creating.

Heat Pumps…

…use the thermal energy (heat) present in the outside air to absorb into it’s system and refrigerate it. If you think about your everyday kitchen fridge, it works just the same, only in the opposite direction. This generates heat for the home, using electricity, and cutting out the need to burn fossil fuels that you would usually use to run a conventional gas boiler.


Heat pumps are on the rise, and there’s no slowing them down! More and more households in the country are taking advantage of the £7,500 available from the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. Heat pumps are enticing due to their efficient output and the fact that they only use electricity to heat the home.

This scheme is one of the most prolific in Europe, therefore encouragement to take full advantage of it is a necessity.

The next installation could be your property! Check your eligibility here.

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