European Sustainable Energy Week kicks off!

Europe’s biggest annual renewables and energy efficiency event begins as the European Sustainable Energy Week kicks off today. The event is dedicated to green energy, and will last three days. The event has several purposes:

  1. Accelerate the clean energy transition,
  2. Increase Europe’s energy independence,
  3. Provide an opportunity to meet stakeholders promoting energy efficiency and renewable energies,
  4. Learn about successful policies,
  5. Inspire innovation towards meeting the EU’s energy and climate goals. 

Who will be attending?

Across Europe, NGO’s, policymakers, consumers and industry figures will be travelling to Brussels for the event. The event begins this morning with a keynote speech from Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson.

Like many post-pandemic events, the conference can be attended in-person or online. Attendees are a mix of policy leaders, citizens, and businesses. The event aims to promote Europe’s decarbonisation efforts through green technologies.

The itinerary

The 3-day conference week has a packed schedule, with speeches and debates around net-zero, decarbonisation, energy efficiency, renewables, and more. There will also be an awards ceremony – The European Sustainable Energy Awards (EUSEW Awards) – which recognises efforts of those in the field of energy efficiency and renewables. 

You can see the full schedule and join online events via the European Commission website.

The Energy Fair will also be taking place. This is a networking event for “SMEs and start-ups, industry and professional associations, networks of national, regional and local authorities, consumer associations, citizens’ groups, youth associations and many more”.

Go sustainable and save hundreds on your bills

There are numerous government-backed grants and schemes available for UK homeowners and tenants. These schemes provide funding for a variety of green home energy-saving measures, including solar panels, insulation, air source heat pumps, and boiler upgrades.

With the ECO4 Scheme, you can get free solar panels, insulation, and an air source heat pump. These measures save the average household £400 per year, according to government figures. To find out if you qualify in as little as 30 seconds, click the button above.

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