Energy Secretary Takes Action to Futureproof Energy Security

As the transition to renewable energy takes place, intending to hit the net zero plan and perfect energy security, Energy Secretary Claire Coutinho has announced plans to build new power stations to maintain a reliable energy source for the times when the weather forecast doesn’t power renewable energy sources.

This newest step in the journey to net zero is a greener, practical way that takes out the UK’s reliance on other energy-rich countries. New sources of home-generated energy such as nuclear power plants and the UK’s highest-ever investment in renewable energy.

Stopping the Blackouts

Renewables are the future but without any way of backing them up, the country could be heading for darkness. The Energy Security Secretary had this to say:

There are no two ways about it. Without  gas backing up renewables, we face the genuine prospect of blackouts.

Claire Coutinho, Energy Security Secretary

The Energy Secretary has set out a plan to raise the capacity of gas power:

  • First of all, the pre-established laws that require all new gas plants to be constructed in line with net-zero goals and ensure they can convert to low-carbon alternatives in the future are to be extended.
  • Second, the gas plants will operate less as the country rolls out low-carbon tech.
  • These are in line with overall government plans to reach net zero and keep energy bill costs down for consumers.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has reinforced these plans by saying:

We need to reach our 2035 goals in a sustainable way that doesn’t leave people without energy on a cloudy, windless day.

Rishi Sunak

He further clarified the energy security of the country:

I will not gamble with our energy security. I will make the tough decisions so that no matter what scenario we face, we can always power Britain from Britain.

Rishi Sunak

Energy and Financial Security

These statements are reassuring that the country’s energy will not depend on foreign sources, strengthening the country’s energy security whilst advancing us into a greener future. As a country, we could bolster a power infrastructure that ensures energy security and helps future consumers from global uncertainties.

Kate Mulvany, of Cornwall Insight, stated – ‘we cannot achieve long-term reductions in energy prices or the net zero goal without homegrown energy and it’s great to see the government prioritising these factors.’

Is Now the Time to Get Renewables?

With all the talk of net zero goals and greener futures, now is the perfect time to invest in renewable energy and with the promises of growing energy security and new investments, the days with no sun and wind will be less of a worry.

Solar: Installing solar panels onto the roof of a home cuts energy bills and creates a sustainable source of power. Harnessing sun energy, solar panels use cutting-edge technology to turn it into electricity for the home.

Heat Pumps: Replacing a gas boiler with a heat pump reduces the costs of heating your home whilst making a property even more sustainable. Using outside heat to warm the home, heat pumps cut the use of fossil fuels and pair perfectly with solar panels thanks to their reliance on electricity to work.

Energy Advice Helpline

We are here to help you understand all there is to know about energy, renewable energy, energy bills, and more. On our website, you can discover more and learn if you could be eligible for any government grants that are available for renewable energy sources through schemes like ECO4 and The Boiler Upgrade Scheme.

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[…] Energy Secretary Takes Action to Futureproof Energy Security – Energy Advice Helpline – Plans laid out early this year by Energy Secretary, Claire Coutinho. […]

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