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Here at Energy Advice Helpline, we love being able to share inspiring real-life stories. Take Annmaria and Tony – a mother and son whose lives have been completely transformed by upgrading their home to a renewable energy system.  

Their red brick terraced house sits on a typical road in Wales, just 20 yards away from the Chester / Wales border. Thanks to being recipients of the ECO4 Scheme;, the almost life-long family home that they live in – is now a haven of warmth and cosiness.

After successfully qualifying for this Government-backed grant, the family was able to upgrade their previously cold, draughty fossil-fuelled property with a brand-new air source heat pump, solar panels and full home insulation. 

Tony and Annmaria standing next to their new air source heat pump.

Renewable Energy Installation: A Life Changed 

Life was drastically different for Tony and Annmaria before renewable energy. They were heating their home with coal and wood – a dirty, time-consuming, inefficient and expensive way to create energy and heat. Not being able to use their open fire in windy conditions, constantly cleaning up coal dust and traveling miles to buy affordable wood were just some of the problems they endured – before they realised they had other options. 

ECO4: What was Received? 

After spotting an advert for ECO4 on Free Heating Scheme’s Facebook page, Annmaria filled out the contact form and was called back the next day. Within the same week, she had a visit from an ECO4 surveyor, who assessed the property for the most suitable measures that could be installed to make it more energy efficient. Finally, a second surveyor confirmed the locations of each new installation…and Annmaria and Tony’s clean energy journey had begun!

Heat Pumps 

It’s no secret that heat pumps have been subject to a number of myths over the years causing an unfair negative view of these potential climate saviours. So, it’s reassuring to see that Annmaria and Tony could not praise theirs enough! 

Low noise emission and instant heat at the touch of a button are just some of the new benefits that heat pumps have added to their home. 

‘I don’t hear it in the kitchen when I’m in there, ‘ says Annmaria. 

Although the heat pump unit was installed right outside the property, Annmaria said it couldn’t be heard indoors. She even compared the noise it made to being quieter than the aeroplanes that regularly passed overhead. 

Just the simplicity of having instant heat has made a significant improvement to Annmaria’s overall well-being.  

‘You get up in the morning for a shower and don’t have to light the fire, you can just get on with something else.’ 

Solar Panels 

After doing some personal research on the benefits of solar panels, the family was inspired to apply for ECO4 support. They were delighted to find that they would be eligible to have solar panels fitted to their property as part of the scheme…for free! 

The installation was an easy and non-intrusive process which now allows them to run electrical appliances such as washing machines and tumble dryers on a sunny day – without even registering on the electric meter. 

Property Insulation 

The home was also completely insulated in a total of two weeks! Annmaria was delighted with the result and the standard of work carried out; 

‘The contractors themselves. They were brilliant, absolutely brilliant. The two lads that did the internal wall insulation. They were with us for two weeks. They stayed Air B&B in Chester. And from 9 in the morning until half 5 at night. Lovely. Lovely. Very nice.” 

Money Savings 

Annmaria and Tony were spending approximately £4,500 a year on heating their home. Not only did they have the cost of buying coal and logs; they still had the responsibility of paying an escalating domestic electricity bill. These are widespread worries which are being felt all over the country, leaving many families struggling to pay. 

Without these added costs, the family are now finally making drastic savings on their energy bills. Solar panels have almost stopped the need to pay for electricity during the day. 

‘When we have really sunny days, like one last week. Between 9 in the morning and half past 3, our smart meter reads nothing.’ – Annmaria 

How ECO4 Can Help You 

It’s safe to say that the family is thrilled with their new energy upgrades. It’s completely changed their lives and transformed their financial and mental health for the better. So, why not apply for ECO4 and make someone else’s reality become your own!  

Backed by the Government and funded by the UK’s biggest energy companies, ECO4 aims to help homes across the country with the lowest EPC ratings improve the energy efficiency of their homes. If eligible – you could also receive heat pumps, solar panels, and insulation for free! 

So, why not apply for ECO4 today and change your life – it could be your story we are telling next! 

“It’s lovely. It is really lovely. It’s a pleasure.” – Annmaria 

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