British Gas Initiative to Match 100% of Customers’ Energy Bills

British Gas has announced a new initiative, “You Pay: We Pay,” aimed at supporting their customers struggling with energy debt or fuel poverty. Announced on May 13, the scheme is set to launch in June and will provide £15 million to help their customers reduce or eliminate their energy bill debt.

Not a British Gas customer? Find out about other available help if you’re struggling to pay your energy bill.

What you need to know about the British Gas initiative

  1. Matching Payments: British Gas will match payments made by eligible customers towards their energy bills over a six-month period. This effectively doubles the speed at which customers can clear their energy debts.
  2. Eligibility: To qualify, customers must be in or facing fuel poverty, have received or be about to receive debt advice, and have been a British Gas customer for at least six months. There is no minimum debt level required to participate.
  3. Proactive Identification: British Gas will actively identify and reach out to customers who qualify for the scheme, ensuring that those in need are aware of the support available.

How it works: A British Gas customer paying £100 a month will pay £600 over 6 months and we will pay an additional £600 credit on their account, which may also help towards clearing an outstanding balance owed. Source: British Gas

Impact on Customers:

This initiative is designed to alleviate the financial burden on households struggling to keep up with rising energy costs. By matching payments, British Gas aims to help customers clear their debts more quickly, reducing the stress and anxiety associated with financial difficulties. The program is part of a broader effort to support vulnerable customers during a time of economic hardship and high inflation.

“We know debt can have a corrosive effect on mental health. Most people want to pay their bills, but it can be very difficult to pay for what you need and clear debts. We want to try and help customers wipe the debt slate clean with this new approach, and to put our customers on a better footing to recover from this period of high inflation.”

Chris O’Shea, CEO of British Gas
What British Gas Customers Need to Do:
  • Eligibility Assessment: Customers must undergo a detailed assessment by British Gas to determine eligibility.
  • Debt Advice: Customers should seek debt advice if they haven’t already done so, as this is a requirement for the scheme.
  • Ongoing Support: Those eligible will be contacted by British Gas, but customers can also reach out to British Gas customer service to inquire about their eligibility.
For Non-British Gas Customers:

If you are not currently a British Gas customer but are struggling with energy debt, consider the following steps:

  • Switch Providers: Look into switching to British Gas if their support programs and tariffs are beneficial to your situation.
  • Seek Advice: Obtain debt advice from financial advisors or charities that specialise in energy debt.
  • Explore Options: Check if your current energy provider offers similar support schemes or if there are other government or local programs available.


What is the British Gas “You Pay: We Pay” initiative?

It’s a scheme by British Gas to 100% match customer payments towards energy bills, helping them clear debt faster.

Who is eligible for the “You Pay: We Pay” scheme?

Customers in or facing fuel poverty, who have received debt advice, and have been with British Gas for at least 6 months.

How does British Gas energy bill payment matching work?

British Gas will match payments made by eligible customers over a six-month period, doubling the amount paid towards clearing their debt.

How will I know if I am eligible for the “You Pay: We Pay” initiative?

British Gas will proactively identify and contact eligible customers. You can also contact British Gas customer service for more information.

What if I’m not a British Gas customer?

Consider switching to British Gas or seek debt advice to explore other available support schemes from your current provider or government programs.

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