Are You Aware of the Energy Upgrade Grants Available to You?

Labour and Conservative party manifestos have promised a serious investment in energy-efficient domestic upgrades but these energy upgrade efforts could be lost among the sheer amount of consumer uncertainty that still lingers.

Both political parties have promised to upgrade the energy efficiency of UK homes with a collective £12.5 billion being injected into the initiatives over the coming years.

One problem remains, and that is a massive 41% of consumers are completely oblivious to the government-backed energy grants that are readily available.

There is Work to be Done for Energy Upgrade Visibility

It has been found that 56% of consumers not considering energy efficiency upgrades are doing so due to the expensive price tags being a roadblock.

This figure correlates with the 41% of oblivious customers and the 18% that are put off by technology they don’t know or understand. This raises a clear issue with the notoriety and exposure to the grants.

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) has put these figures forward and believes that no matter how many promises are made by our elected officials, they will all be lost in the dire uncertainty that surrounds the energy upgrade plans.

John Herriman the Chief Executive of CTSI believes:

This is an area crying out for clarity and improved customer confidence, with a bewildering array of funding schemes, new technologies and different organisations with overlapping remits creating a muddled picture and an overcrowded playing field.”

John Herriman, Cheif Executive of CTSI

There is Bad Press Surrounding Energy Upgrades which Creates Confusion

There are those out there who hold a certain disdain towards the government’s plans and methods.

Dale Vince the founder of energy supplier Ecotricity has displayed his difference of opinion to the government’s highly lauded heat pumps:

“Green gas is cheaper, faster and far less wasteful than a switch to heat pumps. And it will work for every home – no exceptions.”

Dale Vince OBE, Founder Ecotricity

He is enthusiastic about the energy firm’s new green energy venture that involves a “grass mill” that will be fed a mix of grass and herbs grown on 3,000 acres of farmland.

This is just one example of an outside force dampening the ambitious energy upgrade plans set out by the government, creating confusion for the consumer.

By 2050, Energy Upgrades will Be Inevitable

Net Zero translates to the complete removal of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane from the atmosphere of our earth. They occur from warming our homes, powering factories, and the function of transport. Methane comes from farming and landfills. These gases have the power to release extra energy into the Earth’s atmosphere, increasing the temperature.

The UK’s Net Zero Goal

Great Britain has a goal of 2050 to reach net zero. To do this, the plan is as follows:

  • Completely clean electricity by the year 2035, reached by increasing wind, solar, and nuclear power.
  • 80% of new car sales will be zero emissions in 2030.
  • Carbon capture and storing of 20 and 30 million tonnes a year by 2030.
  • Installing 600,000 heat pumps per year by 2028.

To some degree, the goal is straightforward but will require a collective effort from every corner of the country’s operation, as a consumer you can ensure you play your part with home energy upgrades.

Lead Officer for Energy and Net Zero (CTSI), Steve Playle, has made it clear that:

The move towards achieving net zero by 2050 is going to affect every single household across the UK.”

Steve Playle, Lead Officer for Energy and Net Zero, CTSI

The Role of Energy Advice Helpline

Here we believe in clarity and trustworthiness when it comes to government-backed home energy upgrades.

We don’t want to muddy the water; we try to keep things as simple as possible. To accomplish this, we have a quick and easy-to-use eligibility checker which you can use by clicking the button below:

From this click, you will find out what grants you could receive whether it be the Energy Company Obligation, Boiler Upgrade Scheme, or the Great British Insulation Scheme.

You will receive a call from us, and we will talk to you about the rest of the process. It’s that easy.

To Summarise

Energy upgrades, at the end of it all, are here to help you save money and overall improve the current climate situation the whole planet faces. These simple facts seem to become lost in all the promotions, news, and misinformation that is spread about the initiatives.

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