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What Is The Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS)?

The funding we have access to has been put aside to support householders who need it most. Those who are struggling to pay their energy bills or are having to make difficult decisions when it comes to the energy they use in their homes.

This is your chance to take back control of your energy – and we’re here to help you to do it.

Benefits of GBIS:

– Reduced energy bills: By sealing up heat escapes, insulation measures can significantly lower heating costs, saving households up to £300 per year on their energy bills.

– Improved comfort: A well-insulated home stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, providing a more comfortable living environment. 

– Reduced carbon emissions: Minimizing heat loss from homes helps conserve energy and contributes to lowering the country’s overall carbon footprint.

– Enhanced property value: Proper insulation can increase the value of a property, making it more attractive to potential buyers.



A surveyor will assess the property for the most suitable type and level of insulation required. The householder may also receive thermostats for free as part of the scheme.

What You Can Get With GBIS:

Filling the gaps between walls to prevent heat loss.

Applying insulation to the inside or outside of solid walls

Adding insulation to the loft to prevent heat loss from the roof.

Installing insulation in flat or pitched roofs to minimize heat loss.

Placing insulation below the floor to prevent heat from escaping through the floor.

UK homeowners Save £300 per year with gBIS

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