ECO4 Grant Available in the UK

If you are NOT using mains gas to heat your home, you can apply for the ECO4 Grant. The scheme is funded through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and completely FREE for homeowners and tenants. 

Check if you qualify for the ECO4 Grant

This is a Central UK Government backed scheme, available throughout the UK, for people who are off the main gas grid. 

What is the ECO4 Grant?

The ECO4 Grant is funded by the main energy companies in the UK, and backed by the UK Government. It is a scheme designed to help people save money on their energy bills and lower the country’s carbon footprint. 

Currently, people who are off mains gas are being prioritised for the grant. This is because alternative forms of heating such as oil, LPG, wood, coal, etc, are often more expensive than mains gas and are generally worse for the environment. 


What are the criteria?

✅ You do not use mains gas to heat your home.

✅ Your household income is under £31,000, OR you are receiving a means tested benefit.

✅ You property is not a flat, apartment, park home or houseboat.

✅ You are a homeowner, private tenant, or landlord.

✅ Your EPC is not an A, B or C (we will help you check this as part of the process).

Funding available
£ 0 billion
ECO4 Projects Completed Every Month
energy saving measures installed
0 million

What is covered by the grant?

Solar Panels

Solar panels are usually fitted on your roof, but there is also the option of ground mounted if your roof is not suitable and you have available land.

Whole home insulation

Following heat loss calculations which will be done as part of the survey, insulation will be fitted to keep your house toasty. Usually this is loft, wall and underfloor.

Air Source Heat Pump

New Heating System

Usually an air source heat pump and all new radiators, pipework, and smart heating controls which is also paid for by the grant.

What are people saying about ECO4?

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I live 2 miles south of the Scottish border and have 8 x 450w panels on a south facing roof. In 15 days they have generated 160.4 kw and my carbon output has reduced by 160kgs. The excess is fed into the national grid for which I will be paid. All achieved with 100% ECO4 grant
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I've just had this scheme and it is totally free. Yes there are levels of qualification to meet. But if you qualify its FREE, and if its fitted correctly its works well. We get a nice 21° in a large living room.
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I have had all of the items installed and it was totally free. I did have to redecorate some walls after insulation boards fitted bit it's a small price to pay based on what I have received!
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We got all sorts new insulation air source heat pump sola panels. The work they have done is amazing
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I have, and solar and I love it. Don't know an annual average for the cost, but have over three quarters slashed my electric bill and don't need calor gas anymore.
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I've just had the lot put in really good scheme

Claim your home heating improvements in 4 easy steps...

1. Check Your Eligibility

Start by using the eligibility checker above to see if you meet the government's criteria for ECO4.

2. Call with Advisor

One of our friendly advisors will call you and talk to you about the process, checking any final details with you.

3. Property Survey

Our team will instruct a surveyor, local to you, to arrange a property visit and conduct the relevant surveys.

4. Installation

With your permission (or your landlord's if you are a tenant) our approved installers will carry out the home improvements with no cost to you.

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