Apply for 100% FREE solar panels, heat pump and insulation for your home - worth over £75,000!

ECO4 Explained 

Save thousands on your energy bills AND have a warmer home. What’s not to like? 

Check if you qualify in just 60 seconds. We don’t ask for any personal details to check your eligibility.

What you get with the ECO4 grant

Running cost of Air source Heat pumps

Air Source Heat Pump

Your new energy efficient heating system will produce four units of energy for every unit of electricity it absorbs. You could save thousands on your energy bills and your solar panels will help to power your home heating system.


Insulation is installed in your home as part of the scheme which can include roof, underfloor and wall insulation. Did you know that 35-45% of heat is lost through poor wall insulation, 20% through your roof and 10% through the floor.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels are installed on your roof as part of the scheme to help you generate your own clean energy and save on your energy costs. You can also sell any unused electricity back to the grid.

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